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ASAHI Corsair Pro XS

Simplify retrograde complexity

Versatile microcatheter which combines low profile and torquability.
Technological innovation allows retrograde channel tracking even in extremely complex clinical scenario.

■Lesion crossability
・Thin tip portion can be rotated during procedure, enhancing crossability even in complex lesions.
・ASAHI Corsair Pro XS has a lower profile but has 43% more torque force at 10 rotations.

■New SHINKA-Shaft and flexible tip ease distal access during retrograde approach.
-New SHINKA-Shaft-
・Innovative rotational shaft design, which consists of 14 thinner wires braided, increases device performance in retrograde approach.
・Shorter weld of ACT ONE tip provides high trackability.

■Flexible tip High tip-trackability
Most flexible tip increases guide wire or vessel trackability, and
ease the access to the distal portion of severely tortuous channels.

■Kink resistance at proximal shaft
・Spiral Protector
Flexibility of the proximal hub is improved to protects the proximal shaft when bent during catheter advancement or withdrawal.

■Limited rotation
Do not rotate the catheter in the same direction, clockwise or counterclockwise, more than 10 times.

* All the data were obtained by company standardized test, which may differ from industry standardized tests.
* All the data do not prove that all devices have exactly the same performance with the samples used for these tests.


Product Spec

Tip Outer Diameter 0.44mm (1.3Fr)
Hydrophilic Coating Length 70cm / 85cm
Usable Length 135cm / 150cm

Order Information

Product Name Catalog No. Usable Length Tip(O.D) Distal Shaft(O.D) Proximal Shaft(O.D) Tip(I.D) Shaft(I.D) Hydrophilic Coating Length
ASAHI Corsair Pro XS CSR135-21S 135cm 0.44mm (1.3Fr) 0.71mm (2.1Fr) 0.95mm (2.9Fr) 0.38mm (0.015") 0.48mm (0.019") 70cm
ASAHI Corsair Pro XS CSR150-21S 150cm 0.44mm (1.3Fr) 0.71mm (2.1Fr) 0.95mm (2.9Fr) 0.38mm (0.015") 0.48mm (0.019") 85cm

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