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ASAHI Corsair Pro

Delivering excellence through evolution and tradition.

By minimizing the stiffness difference between the tip and the shaft, ASAHI Corsair Pro will be able to track tortuous vessels, which improves its ability to cross challenging anatomy.

■Tracking ability
・Optimaization of catheter stiffness
Compare to Corsair, the Corsair Pro's stiffness profile has a more linear increase which improves the catheter flexibility and trackability for enhances performance in tortuous anatomy.

■Balanced joint design
Gradual balance of stiffness from the tip to the joint of the shaft area enhances
tracking ability.

■Kink resistance at proximal shaft
・Spiral Protector
Flexibility of the proximal hub is improved to protects the proximal shaft when bent during catheter advancement or withdrawal.

■Torque ability, Pushability and Support
ASAHI brand proprietary braiding pattern, which consists of 8 thinner and 2 thicker wires braided together.
Tungsten braiding enhances torque, better push and support.

■Limited rotation
Do not rotate the catheter in the same direction, clockwise or counterclockwise, more than 10 times.

* All the data were obtained by company standardized test, which may differ from industry standardized tests.
* All the data do not prove that all devices have exactly the same performance with the samples used for these tests.


Product Spec

Tip Outer Diameter 0.42mm (1.3Fr)
Hydrophilic Coating Length 60cm
Usable Length 135cm / 150cm

Order Information

Product Name Catalog No. Usable Length Tip(O.D) Distal Shaft(O.D) Proximal Shaft(O.D) Tip(I.D) Shaft(I.D) Hydrophilic Coating Length
ASAHI Corsair Pro CSR135-26P 135cm 0.42mm (1.3Fr) 0.87mm (2.6Fr) 0.93mm (2.8Fr) 0.38mm (0.015") 0.45mm (0.018") 60cm
ASAHI Corsair Pro CSR150-26P 150cm 0.42mm (1.3Fr) 0.87mm (2.6Fr) 0.93mm (2.8Fr) 0.38mm (0.015") 0.45mm (0.018") 60cm

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