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Very flexible guide wire for improved trackability

Creates possibilities for retrograde channel crossing

- Unique structural design
Only twist wire is connected to the tip, not the core wire.
This greatly increases tip flexibility of SUOH 03.

- 0.3gf tip load
Extremely low tip load shows how flexible the tip of SUOH 03 is.

- Unique distal rope coil segment
A single rope coil, constructed with 4 smaller-diameter wires, makes the tip more flexible than conventional spring coil.

■Torque response
ACT ONE provides control while maintaining wire flexibility.

■Shaft Support
The shaft support of ASAHI SUOH 03 is almost equal to ASAHI SION blue about 5cm from the tip.

■Mini Pre-shape
Mini Pre-shape is intended to help physicians add their own shape.

*All the data were obtained by company standardized test, which may differ from industry standardized tests.
*All the data do not prove that all devices have exactly the same performance with the samples used for these tests.


Product Spec

Tip Load 0.3gf
Tip Shape Straight / Pre-shape
Radiopaque Length 3cm
Coating Hydrophilic
Usable Length 190cm / 300cm

Order Information

Product Name Catalog No. Tip Shape Usable Length Outer Diameter Tip Load Coil Length Radiopaque Length Coating Coating Length
ASAHI SUOH 03 AHW14R013P Pre-shape 190cm 0.36mm (0.014") 0.3gf 19cm 3cm Hydrophilic 520mm
ASAHI SUOH 03 AHW14R013S Straight 190cm 0.36mm (0.014") 0.3gf 19cm 3cm Hydrophilic 520mm
ASAHI SUOH 03 AHW14R313P Pre-shape 300cm 0.36mm (0.014") 0.3gf 19cm 3cm Hydrophilic 520mm
ASAHI SUOH 03 AHW14R313S Straight 300cm 0.36mm (0.014") 0.3gf 19cm 3cm Hydrophilic 520mm

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Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating.

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