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Fielder XT-A/XT-R

Beyond Fielder XT

Standard wire of tapered, low tip load, polymer jacket guide wire for channel crossing and loose tissue tracking.

■Fielder XT-A
Tip load 1.0gf guide wire.
Torque and control enhance crossability for the occluded lesions without a stump.

■Fielder XT-R
Tip load 0.6 gf guide wire.
Flexibility and control provide trackability for the channel tracking and sub total occlusion (99%).

Flexibility & control provide trackability
XT-R had better performance for the channel tracking

■Torque Response
It provides better control ability by fixing guide wire tip to the right direction.

■Small tip shapeability
It provides the potential for the loose tissue and collateral channel tracking by a small curve and tapered tip.

* All the data were obtained by company standardized test, which may differ from industry standardized tests.
* All the data do not prove that all devices have exactly the same performance with the samples used for these tests.


Product Spec

Tip Load 1.0gf (XT-A), 0.6gf (XT-R)
Tip Shape Straight
Radiopaque Length 16cm
Coating Polymer+Hydrophilic
Usable Length 190cm / 300cm

Order Information

Product Name Catalog No. Tip Shape Usable Length Outer Diameter Tip Load Coil Length Radiopaque Length Coating Coating Length
Fielder XT-R APW14R005S Straight 190cm 0.26/0.36mm (0.010/0.014") 0.6gf 16cm 16cm Polymer+Hydrophilic 170mm
Fielder XT-A APW14R009S Straight 190cm 0.26/0.36mm (0.010/0.014") 1gf 16cm 16cm Polymer+Hydrophilic 170mm
Fielder XT-R APW14R305S Straight 300cm 0.26/0.36mm (0.010/0.014") 0.6gf 16cm 16cm Polymer+Hydrophilic 170mm
Fielder XT-A APW14R309S Straight 300cm 0.26/0.36mm (0.010/0.014") 1gf 16cm 16cm Polymer+Hydrophilic 170mm

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Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating.

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