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Ultimate Performance for the Treatment of Highly Stenosed Lesions.

A support catheter that enables guide wire crossing of highly stenosed lesion. Tornus can follow the wire across the highly stenosed lesion to allow guide wire exchange.

■Rotation limit
When the tip of Tornus does not advance, limit the rotation of Tornus at 20 times. Once it reaches 20 times, rewind the catheter and release the torque accumulation. Then, start rotating it again to advance.

Product Spec

Tip Outer Diameter 0.61mm (1.8Fr) / 0.70mm (2.1Fr)
Usable Length 135cm

Order Information

Product Name Catalog No. Usable Length Tip(O.D) Distal Shaft(O.D) Proximal Shaft(O.D) Tip(I.D) Shaft(I.D)
Tornus 2.1Fr AT24135 135cm 0.61mm (1.8Fr) 0.71mm (2.1Fr) 1.1mm (3.3Fr) 0.41mm (0.016") 0.46mm (0.018")
Tornus 2.6Fr AT35135 135cm 0.70mm (2.1Fr) 0.88mm (2.6Fr) 1.00mm (3.0Fr) 0.41mm (0.016") 0.64mm (0.025")

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