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ASAHI Caravel

A versatile microcatheter that completes the simple and simplifies the complex

Very flexible shaft and soft atraumatic tip to navigate the most challenging and tortuous anatomies

■Resistance for rotation
Caravel was designed for pushing not spinning. Do not rotate the catheter

■Low profile
・Ultra Low Profile Tip - Tip tapers to 0.019"(1.4Fr)

・Less limitation for device selection
2 Caravel fit in a 6Fr GC*
 *ASAHI Hyperion 6Fr (ID:1.80mm (0.071inch))

One Caravel +IVUS in 7Fr G.C**
**ASAHI Hyperion 7Fr (ID:2.05mm (0.081inch))

■Push and crossability
・ACT ONE Precision Braided Shaft
Unique braiding delivers flexibility without compromising inner lumen maintains optimal guidewire performance.

・Smooth transition
There is a smooth transition with subtle changes in the flexibility from the flexible tip to the shaft so the Caravel tracks well around an acute bend.

■Kink resistance
・Internal Lumen Integrity
Enhanced resistance to kinking in tortuous anatomy
Facilitates optimal guidewire performance

*All the data were obtained by company standardized test, which may differ from industry standardized tests.
*All the data do not prove that all devices have exactly the same performance with the samples used for these tests.


Product Spec

Tip Outer Diameter 0.48mm (1.4Fr)
Usable Length 135cm / 150cm

Order Information

Product Name Catalog No. Usable Length Tip(Outer diameter) Distal shaft(Outer diameter) Proximal shaft(Outer diameter) Tip(Inner diamter) Shaft(Inner diameter)
ASAHI Caravel CRV135-19P 135cm 0.48mm (1.4Fr) 0.62mm (1.9Fr) 0.85mm (2.6Fr) 0.40mm (0.016") 0.55mm (0.022")
ASAHI Caravel CRV150-19P 150cm 0.48mm (1.4Fr) 0.62mm (1.9Fr) 0.85mm (2.6Fr) 0.40mm (0.016") 0.55mm (0.022")

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